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Melodic Revolution
Our Label
Melodic Revolution Records


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Upcoming Show

We have a show coming up in January in Ashland VA with our good friends Brave. C heckout our Facebook Page for more details.


New Lead Singer

We want to welcome our new lead singer John Coleman to the KE family! He is currently helping us put a show together so we can play some gigs soon. He will also be working with us on some new material.


Festival Dates in 2016

We are excited to announce a couple of festival dates we have coming up this year! The Saturday night after party at RoSFest (Rites of Spring Festival) on 05/07/2016 and our Sunday performance at the Terra Incognita Progressive Rock Festival on 05/22/2016. Check out the details on our Show Schedule page.


New CD Release

Our new CD "Travelog" will be officially released 06/01/2015.  We will probably have some on hand for our Orion Studios gig on Friday 05/29/2015.



Our Kickstarter to help us with the expenses getting the new CD mixed, mastered and manufactured has been fully funded, and then some. Thanks to all our fans who backed us!  As a special thank you, we decided to put the names of everyone who contributed on the donors list in the CD.


New Cover Art

Check out the Discography page to see the cover for the new CD.


Guest Vocalists

A big thank you to the great singers helping us on the new CD:
Dimetrius LaFavors of Odin's Court

Michelle Schrotz of Brave
Mike Florio of the Mass Dream project 


Sonic Bids