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Vision of a New Dawn

I have awakened, I have awakened,
In a place where I've arrived I know not how
And in my waking I've been seen making
All the markings of a life in the here and now
I have been searching, I have been searching
For a dream whose start and finish I composed
But in my dreaming I wanted meaning
And a life of independence from all foes
    In spite of all the things I wished upon my pillow
    In spite of nothing that I took for granted shown
    There's a land I know that I must find
    A place where I can rest my mind
    A people waiting for my coming
    And a freedom kept unknown
You tried to greet me, you tried to greet me
In the space where you had found me unaware
And in your greeting, you found me fleeting
For the moment wasn't meant to be a dare
You told me stories, you told me stories
And the endings happily on the other shore
I found compelling what you were telling
But there's a line that I must follow evermore
    Because of all the thousand dreams upon my pillow
    Because of knowing that my place elswhere must be
    There is a life I know that I must find
    An aura tyrants cannot bind
    Another vista for my vision
    And the last eventuality
    And the last eventuality
    And the last eventuality

Vision see
New to me
Dawn its name
A world insane

Light is here
And still a tear
Another life
Sharpens the knife

Soar like birds
Speak the words
And take flight
To reach the heights
      The Journey (instrumental)

Vision see,
New to me
Dawn its name,
Bright freedom flame

In celebration, in celebration
Of the realized individual I shall live
From your derision comes my decision,
A collective hope is not my debt to give

So I will stand here, yes I will stand here,
And proclaim the truth that you don't want to hear
Just in my passing, say I was lasting
One must take the reins of life to conquer fear
    I have held a miracle in between my trembling hands
    And I have lived the moment where I stood between two lands
    I've seen the stellar lightning that illuminates the plan
    And in the day it comes to pass
    And in the promise it will last
    The price of the true brotherhood of man
    The price of the true brotherhood of man
    The price of the true brotherhood of man