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War Song

Aye, she was bonnie and brilliant
And her hand all the younger lads sought
And I found myself starting to love her
But I knew she could never be bought
So surprised was my heart when she told me
That she'd love me from dusk until dawn
Not a moment more would she bestow me
For the last man she loved was still gone
    See, he never came back from the war
    And she never did see him no more
    He had told her for God and for country
    He must walk from her charms, be a brother in arms as before
She had no reason to doubt me
When I told her I'd measure her pain
For I found myself feeling so deeply
But I saw I was feeling in vain
Nevermore could the promises hold her
Nevermore would my promise hold me
When the notice arrived in my mailbox
And I saw I must fight to be free
    See, he never came back from the war
    And she never did see him no more
    But I too have a God and country
    I shall never look back when the bastards attack
    There is space in my mind for a love left behind
    I'm lamenting what could have been so very good
    She was true all along, it was I who who was staging an act
Waiting against time and against the foe
Hearing of lost lives with a life she must live
No matter what comes she must carry on
Leaving the Bronx she goes west to Champaign
Watching for hot fire from determined foes
Seeing the dead men, wondering if I'd live
No matter what comes I must carry on
Leaving Paree we go east to save Maine
The tide turned with critcal victories
And the enemy had to give in
Their surrender gave hope to all free men
Whose free spirit comes from within
So the honorable discharge was written
And the ship took me home to my town
Had the brilliant and bonnie lass waited?
No, she hadn't, she did not stick around
    See, I hadn't come back from the war
    And I never did see her no more
    Now I still love my God and my country
    But I fear I shall never have love that's forever
    In love I may fall, but war kept true love outside the door